Karting Summer camp,
in Montreal

A first in Montreal, Kart-O-Mania is proud to offer for the eigth season, a Karting Day Camp. The camp activities are held at an Indoor Karting facility located in central Montreal. Kart-O-Mania is a reputable Indoor Karting track now opened for almost ten years which allows children as young as 8 years old to come into contact with the world of motor racing. During the camp session, you will take part in a variety of activities:

  • Briefing and explanations of rules and regulations
  • Introduction on racers education
  • Films, history of a racer, evolution of F1 motors
  • Engineering projects, building a model car or kart
  • Mechanics on a kart engine and parts
  • Indoor and outdoor activities (basketball, soccer)
  • Daily Races as well as final races for each category

All children wishing to take part in the summer camp must measure at least 50 inches tall and the minimum age requirement is eight years old.

Kart-O-Mania has a qualified team and racing instructors, guarantying that all safety measures are met in a secure and comfortable atmosphere.


One camp session is based on a five day period from Monday to Friday beginning at 9:00am to 3:00pm. Please be advised that children are welcome to stay at the reception later than 3:00pm however may not be our responsibility after regular camp hours. Groups of drivers are composed of a maximum of 12 per category, accompanied by a responsible instructor.


The cost for a five day week is $ 400.00 plus tax per participant. Kart-O-Mania reserves the right to cancel one of the scheduled sessions if participants are insufficient.

Participants must bring their own lunch, snacks and beverages will be available on site during the day. Arcade games are available during breaks at an additional charge.

Make your choice

Each one week program is repeated two times during the summer, choose with your parents the dates which is appropriate for you.

Week 1: July 4 – July 8

Week 2: August 8  – August 12

It is recommended to choose a second option due to insufficient or excessive inscriptions for the same week.

Possibility of adding an additional week in July and / or August with a minimum of 12 participants

Participants must bring their own lunch and water bottles, snacks and beverages are sold on site during the day.

Arcade games are available during breaks at an additional charge.

Racing simulators are available during break time https://www.kart-o-mania.ca/en/virtual-reality/


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